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university hospital has reopen to traffic here. police have cleared the scene as well. but this is what, an incident that a lot of people who work at the hospital describe as terrifying. a man walked into the hospital. his name is paul davis. he went by warren davis. he walked in with a gun. by the time it was all said and done, he had murdered his elderly mother. >> saw a lot of police cars, security guards running around real frantic. really chaotic. >> reporter: officers from baltimore city and seral other agencies surrounded the nelson building of the prestigious johns hopkins university hospital just before noon this morning. he barricade himself in with his mother. >> i heard some people who were there and they ran off the floor. basically, he was upset about his mother being paralyzed by the doctor. and that's why he did what he did.
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>> reporter: during the course of the quofrgs th doctor, mr. avis removed a small semiautomatic handgun from his waistarea, waist band area. andired a single gunshot. >> reporter: the hospital evacuated several floors and locked down its nearly 000 employees. police say right after shooting the doctor, he ducked into his mother as room. between that time when we saw s.w.a.t. members leaving, police heard no gunshots and never established contact with him. >> inside the room, we were able to see that mr. davis was down on the floor suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. >> reporter: policeelieve he shot his mother in the head and then killed himself. a tragic ending to what hospital workers call an unbelievable day. >> it is ightening. i would never expect this.
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this hospital is well secured and protected and it is just crazy and ridiculous for somethingike the to happen. >> reporter: we've been told this afternoon that metal detectors were not a part of that protection. university officials say they are not installed a any of the 80 entrances around the facility where this incident happened earlier today. the doctor who was shot, we are will, is being well cared for by the staff hear at johns hopkins hospital. and suffered injuries that he will be able to survive. may colleague jacie bensen has been looking into the suspect at this shooting incident. she is live now with that. >> reporter: aording to public documents, he had a permit to carry a concealed handgun issued in 2006. 50-year-old known as warren davis, he was well known in this established neighborhood of home where he lived in a small green cottage on south ken more street.
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neighb neighbors say theare shocked to learn thnews. >> he lived with his mother. he stayed at the hospital with her. that's why it is really hard to believe. he took excellent care of this lady. >> he made appointments for her to go to the beauty shop. somebody to comen and do her hair. he just took care of his mother. he wasn't a violnt guy. he wasn't violent at all. >> reporter: neighbors say it is believed his mom was possibly in her 90s, possibly suffering from alzheimer's. he worked for a company called diamond transportation which provided metro access which is the transportation system for disabled people. those who knew him say they are very, very surprised by his role iwhat happened in baltimore.
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>> we've gotten a firsthand account from the discovery center shooting. two of the hostages talked about their ordeal. jim mcnulty said he walked into the lobby and was confronted by a man who appeared to have a gun. a short time later, chris walk in and saw mnulty lying on the floor. a third hostage, a security guard, was behind the desk. forehours lateroods said he looked at the guard and mouthed the word run. the guard shack his head, yes. >> tat istant where we counted down and he look at me and i look back at the gunman. he looked down. i just turned and ran the fastest i think i've ever run. >> as both men made a run for it, the police shot the suspect. he was armed with pistols and
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home made pipe bombs. mcnulty said he could hear the suspect putting that bomb device together. a 9-year-old from silver spring is behind bars because police think he was involved in one of the recent robberies in college park. police say he is the man seen in the white shirt. it was captured august 8th shortly after a robbery on the 72 hundred block of baltimore avenue. police are still looking for two other suspects. they alsoeleased this picture from surveillance video o suspect wanted for a july 27th robbery on westchester park drive. there have been several violent robberies near the universityf maryland since the start of the school year. we are keeping an eye on some showers that we're getting tonight. the chiefeat meat doug kammerer joins with us more. >> we will of rain but some aree at least gettina little of it. psych the rain right now around
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the washington, d.c. area. let's zoom on in here. you can see rate arou the arlington, now making its way toward silver spring and out toward the 495 area. let's ve up toward damascus, mt. airy, frederick, tward clarksburg. and it continues. martinsburg, west virginia. that rain will continue to move out of the region overnight. a few more showers could sti be in the offing and we'll talk about what is in store for the weekend in my full forecast coming up. >> thanks. t economy still has a long way to go. but two new government reports out today suggest that two of the biggest threats are easing now. wholesale prices are holding steady. and there is another drop in jobless claims. nevertheless, a lot of people are still looking for work. dozens turned out for a job fair today in rosslyn, virginia. it was sponsored by the group national career fares. the job seeke got a chance to meet face to face with dozens of employers who say they are still
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hiring. may not while on capitol hill, both parties are scrambling to convce voters that they're making the right moves for e economy, and making a dent in the growing poverty rate in our nation. steve has our report. >> reporter: 44 million people in america. one in seven were poor in 2009. an 8% increase over the year before. poverty means an income of $10,800 for someone who is single. $it w,000 for a familiar i will have -- $22,000 for a family of four. more than any month since the crisis began. the number of peopletarting the foreclosure process and new unemployment claims are both dropping. positive signs president obama took credit. >> we've had to act across many fronts to get folks back on their feet. >> reporter: soon after the president got a win. two senate republicans joined
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democrats to to know next obama economic plan. the $30 billion small business bill. to open up $300 billion in credit and democrats say help create a half million jobs. speaker pelosi said the house ill okay the small business bill. but will not okay extending the bu bush era tax cuts. that's the next big fight. >> republicans in the house and senate are united. that this is not the time to increase taxes on anyone in america. >> reporter:as many as 31 house democrats agree with that. that raises the odds that congress won't vote on tax until after the november elections. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, capitol hill. >> the king worries over the economy dragg on the markets day but the stocks.
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the nasdaq pick up two points. it closedat 22.03. the s&p 500 ended the day flat at 1125. congress is plaquenning a review of the anthrax attack. the office plan to review the scientific method used by the fbi when investigators concluded that army scientist bruce ivans acted alone. it will look into whether there are any remaining scientific questions or concerns. ivans kill himself two years ago as investigators were preparing to file formal charges against him. five people were killed when letters laced with anthrax were sent to capitol hill and other locations in 2001. next month's hearing for the man accused of killing 13 people at ft. hood will be open to the public. today the military judge denied a request by majored in aal
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hasan's lawyer to have a closed hearing. he said keeping it open will preserve the integrity of the mill jtice system. he is accused of opening fire on the base last november, killing 32 people. he has ties to the northern virginia area. and used to work as a psychiatrist at walter reid army medical center. coming up, a neighbor who spotted a woman beating her dog with a rake. plus we have exclusive details about d.c. firefighters who maye disciplined for getting nakeduring a retirement party. three people dead after an suv slammed into an ambulance. and what's going on in sports? >> nats outfielder finds out how long his suspension will be. the redskins trying to figure out how to st down that offense. plus, clinton portis with his latest comments. or no comments.
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words alone are't enough. my job is to listen to the needs and frustrations of the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel or restaurant workers who lostheir jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility r the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. our job is to listenand fin. that means working with communities. restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by t spill.
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we've paiover $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. and our efforts aren't coming at tax-payer expense. i know peopleare wonder- now that the well is capped, is bp gonna meet its commitments? i was born in new leans. my family stillives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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a texas woman is in trouble after being caught on tape beati one of her dogs. we warn you, you may find this disturb go. a neighbor took the pictures of the san antonio woman beating the dwog a rake. the dog seem to be disoriented after the beating. animal services has taken away all of the woman's dogs but she's fighting to get them back. if found guilty, she could face time in jail. police in fairfax county are looking for a man who tried to rob a woman as she sat in her car at a traffic light. some are wondering if that ibs zen connected to a high profile murder in the same area. vanessa pham found stabbed to death in her car last month off gallows road. the attempted robbery happened not far away onmarilee drive. pat collins reports. >> reporter: woman daily robbed
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while sitting in traffic. ordinarily cops say they wouldn't talk about an attempted crime like this. but because it happened close by the vanea pham murder scene, they're talking and showing sketch of the suspect just in case. this goes back to september the eighth. 4:30 in the afrnoon. lee highway and marilee drive. a woman is stopped at a red light. a man two cars back gets out of his car. walks up to the woman, pretends he has a weapon. demands money. the light turns green. other cars start to honk. the woman takes off. the man, he walks back to his car. empty handed. what kind of gu would do a robbery like that? >> a pretty stupid guy, i would think. >> a dummy. >> desperate. >>he got what he deserved. nothing. >> reporter: again, this is the
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sketch of the suspect in that almost robbery. and again, it happened about a mile from her vanessa pham was killed back in june. found stabbed to death inside her car tha had crashed in a ditch off arlington boulevard. vanessa was just 19 years old. and police have worked hard to find a motive and suspect in the case. so far, nothing. so wt about that almost robbery? >> at this time there is nothing to indicate that it is related to the vanessa pham murder. but it is in the same vicinity so we definitely want to get his face out there so we can identify and arrest him. we can further investigate to see if it is connected. >> rerter: what did we learn from all this? anything bad that happens in this area, police are checking and double-chking to see if it has anything to do with the case of vanessa pham.
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i'm pat collins, news4, fairfax county. the polic say that robbery suspect was driving a silver sedan. coming up, sere weather dropped hail the size of baseballs on parts of the midwest. a medical mystery at the national zoo. the vets are trying to save the le of a cobra. and doug will beack a look
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vets at the national zoo are trying to figure out why one of their egyptian cobra snakes is sick. about three week ago zoo keepers noticed a number lumps on the snake's body. today the veterinarians placed the snake under asthesia to run tests. it is more than six feet long and really venomous. they think he may have tumors or abcesses. the average life of an egyptian cobra in capvity is about 20 years. the one they're working on there at the zoo has been there 17
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years w. >> we hope they get him well. >> yes. you've got goodies, doug. >> i've got a lot of thing. i had some thing sent to us. this is really good. take a lk at this. beautiful. as it slides right off there. this is from the 50th anniversary. the greek festival coming where the weather will be perfect. this says p.s., tell fans his favorite pastry is not included. >> not included. >> not included. but it will be baked on friday, saturday, and sunday. so they will have it there. and then the blue mont fair, the 41st annual fair in loudoun county sent me this awesome t-shirt which he will probably give to my son. >> i'm probably not going to wear. this i will give it to my son. that's coming up as well. all you do is right down route 7 and you run into bluemont. it will be a great weekend no matter what you're thinking of
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doing. today som shower activity. we need the rain first off. this is where the rain was falling really hard. not just right. look at the hail. watch how it come down to the ground and blows up. this hail was baseball size. damaged a lot of cars. we saw a lot of car windshields broken from this. they'll be cleaning up some damage. there are numerousornado reports in parts of southern kansas. look at that. that car not very good at all. as far as our region, we are seeing some cloud cover. it will continue throughout the region and boy, did it get warm today. a lot of people saying, wow, it's warm and very humid. 92 degrees. the high today. temps rose quicly and today was the 63rd 90-degree day so far this year. hopefully we're done. the wind out of the northwest by 15 miles an hour. it was that southwest wind that didwarm us up. the shower activity is now moving out of virginia into maryland. so frederick, maryland, toward hagerstown. you're all going to see some
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rain. and on 270, south of the district, most of the rain is gone. there is one shower here in fairfax county. if you're thinking about going wn to the woodbridge area, it should be a good one tonight. coming in at 7:03. that's what time that game starts. fred rirk 53 in haguetown. we have called down dramatically. almost 40-degrees cooler. 74 in the district and 73 right now in la plata. across the region we saw the cloud cover early thimorning. and then we started to see the shower make their way through and some thunderstorms. most of the storms stayed well to our north. but baltimore saw a pretty good storm. r us, a couple light showers. we may see more of those behind that rain. look at this. 67 in pittsburgh. 63 in hagerstown. ahead of it, much more. 90s in richmond. 90 as well toward riley. very warm ahead of this system. behind it, the frontal boundary will ve through. it will get nice once again. as i mentioned, we will see a beautiful week on saturday and
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sunday as well. the tropics ha been extremely active. this is now a hurricane. hurricane karl made its way across the yucatan and back into mexico. pretty stro. winds at 85 miles an hour with that storm. you know, igor is the biggest one and julia has been fighting with itself, trying to get better organized. the winds ar around 85 miles an hour there. it was a category 4 strength yesterday but this is still the big one. this will make its way right toward better maude a. ifou have interest in bermuda. the winds are want 25 miles an hour. it is expected to become a category 4and then possibly hit bermuda very close to it late saturday into sundabefore recurving back out. as we make our way through the evening, a few showers. 75 to 81 degrees. the temperature cooling down. then tomorrow morning, looking very nice out there. 60 to 67 degrees. a few lingering showers possible. i don't think we'll see too much. as we move through the day, warm
6:25 pm
and breezy. 80 to 85 degrees. here's the next four days showing a high of 82 on saturday. 84 on sunday. looking very nice even on monday with a high temperature of 79 degrees. even the extended is looking very nice as we head toward tuesday, wednesday into thursday. >> not bad. >> not bad at all. >> and this is good. >> we'll take some. coming up, some d.c. firefighters could be some serious trouble after a prank at a retirement party. the fda expected to make a final decision over whether to revoke approval of a breast cancer drug. >> we'll show you how each of the city's wards voted. a late night crash kills three. i'm derrick ward and i'll have details coming up. coming up in sports, the capitals return to the ice after a vy long summer. and the redskins on rising to the challenge against houston texans. ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] giving up cigarettes can take more than willpower alone. but today's a neday. for many, smoking is a treatable medical condition. so talk to your doctor about prescription trement options and support. and this time, make it your time.
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an suv crashed into an ambulance today in prince george's county. their people were kill. police stay s was headed the wrong wayhen it sideswiped the ambulance. >> the crash happen on marlboro pike. now more on what led to the deadly -- >> reporter: the crash happened about midnight wednesday. the ambulance had just left the fair house in district heights on a call for an overdose. they were westbound on marlboro pike and authoriti say the other vehicle, an suv was eastbound but in the westbound lane. dash cam video now evidence in the investigation, captured seconds before impact. >> the ambulance slows down to about 10 miles an hour. it is because the driver can see in the distance, and you can see this on the dash cam, a setof headlights that appears to be in his direct line of travel. an suv is traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes coming head on. >> reporter: the fire department
6:30 pm
spoke person adds that the video showed the ambulance tried to avoid the suv but the apparent high speed of the oncoming vehicle turns yds into seconds. >> in the blink of an eye, the suv is on top of the ambulance. and the driver at the last minute takes an evasive ac, swefk to the left. >> the suv struck the side of the ambulance and then hit a utility pole and a retaining wall. it flipped over and landed on its roof. 120 feet from the point of impact. the driver has been identified as 30-year-old emanuel jones of district heights. >> he was always very friendly. i didn't know him anymore than to speak to him. to speak in passing. he would be outside a lot with his little girl. >> he had a little daughter. she was 3 years old. she was a good neighbor. >> reporter: also killed twoork-year-old andre watlie. jones's nephew and 35-year-old tony burny at the district.
6:31 pm
as people say, they are not surprised. they've bn after theounty to tray to make it sewhat less treacherous. >> i'm sorry. people had to lose their life but maybe something like this would show the county what we're dealing with. >> reporter: in prince george's county, news4. >> police have yet to determine whether satisfied that or alcohol or drugs were factor in the cash. >> they are calling it the end of the campaign called math is operator. more than 90 agencies got together to fight aggressive driving. the campaign was split into four waves, they call it. during the first three, officers issued about 350,000 citatns and warnings. that's an average before 16,500 a day.
6:32 pm
>> these number clearly reflect that it remains a major threat to the safety of our region's roadway and underscore the need and importance of the continuation of the smooth operator campaign. >> the fourth wave underway rate now will end on saturday. d.c. fire and ems has launched an investigation into allegations that naked fifighters prepared and served food a retirement party attended by offduty officers. this allegedly happened at a fire house in northwest. a source gave news4 a picture of what we're sld a naked firefighter standing at the stove. the source says as many as three firefighters prepared and served fad while they were naked. and with female personnel present, the d.c. fire and em is looking into this. >> in early talk complaint was file and since then our internal
6:33 pm
affairs office has been conducting an investigation. that is ongoing. open investigation. d.c. firesays disciplinary action could follow if the allegations are substantiated. >> the d.c. counci chair joined hands today in unity. a map of the city's election results shows that gray will have a large task. >> reporter: as democrats held a unity breakfast, the tough task of unifying the city as he said he wants to do is laid out in the map of election results. of the city's eight wards, mayor fenty won wards one, two, three and six where the vast majority of voters reside. he carried ward three by 80%. gray overwhelmingly won majority wards four, five, seven, and
6:34 pm
eiht. >> united in the series of town hall. hopefully one in each ward will reach out to people. >> hear frompeople. where we're trying to go. >> he walked into the unity breakfast chered by the party establish pmt has always embrarsed him. a short time later in came adrian entill. he routinely snubbed them. but he was doing his duty. acknowledging gray's triumph in tuesday's ection. one of the oldest rituals in american politics gracefully losing in preparing for the transfer of power. >> mr. gray, just know this. know that for the next 105 days, we'll do everything possible to make sure both the transition and e government district of columbia suffers nothing for transition. we will give you everything you need to be a fantastic mayor.
6:35 pm
>> i look forward to being able to work with you in the weeks and months after january 2. because i know your commitment and i know how you can help me be th best mayor possible. >> tom sherwood, news4, ashington. >> for that unity breakfast this morning, he went back to work as chairman of the council. it is expected to show the cit has a new $100 million budget shortfall. coming up, the pope addressed thousands at his open air mass in scotland. he may have missed out on singing sensation susan boyle. the president of iran explained yes think about the internet.
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afr days and days of men
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of sunshine, we saw a little rain. not a lot of rain but we did see some rain. just go with the cloud ver film. that will continue through the region. now live digital doppler is showing he rain. most of it into frederick, clarksburg,ll seeing that rain. it will continue to make its way toward the north. a couple of light showers toward culpeper. seeing some shower activity. even across the eastern shore oward oxford. winds out of the north northwest at six miles an hour. we have seen that change in wind and it is getting cooler. tomorrow will warm back up to around 83. the district, 84. warrenton, 85 toward fredericksburg. tomorrow 78 degree i think we'll start off with some cloud cover. then see plenty of sunshine later on in the afternoon. we're looking at a fantastic friday. i think the weekend islooking ke another great one. guys? >> thanks, doug. the food and drug administration could be on the verge of revoking its approval of a drug that help fight breast
6:40 pm
cancer. the drug is -- it works by cutting off the blo supply to tumors. but doctors say it causes side effects including blood clots and a rick for heart disease. it also costs $8,000 a month. the looming fda decisi does not apply to the use of it f colon and other cancers. political leaders from both des of the aisle came together on the national mall today for msnbc's morning joe bipartisan health challenge. they were joined on the 5 k walk by a host of lawmaker from both parties. the surgeon general and several senior white house advisers also took part. and news4's barbara harrison made the walk as well. brings insky was the driving forward behind it. she said it is tame to talk more directbly the problem of obesity in america. >> we know some people who aren't terribly obese.
6:41 pm
those are the guys who go out and run around and knock each other done for a living. some of them look like -- >> some them. >> all muscle though, right? >> well, yeah. >> this guy is not so big. nyjer morgan. he has had a troubled season a it has finally caught up with him. clinton portis takes a teammate's advice to heart. news4 at
6:42 pm
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6:44 pm
always something other tha football. >> this was an interesting day at redskins park, to say the least. there was a great line by dave today. he said london fletcher could be bottled up and sole as essence of team player. steinberg, 100% right. london always says the right thing and he does the right thing, too. he isolitically correct, never rocks the boat. even when we in the media try to get him to stir the pot a little bit. he did say today that clinton portis might need to think a little before he speaks in the future. this come on the heel of clinton's comment on women in the locker room earlier this week. perhaps portis took advice to heart. portis would not comment to the
6:45 pm
media through the spoken word this morning. instead he was using a note pad. had his mouth taped shut by none other than albert haynesworth. he was polite, thanking the media for coming. we have other asked questions, he couldn't resist using the rest of his prepared messages. one more piece of tape and there it is. god bless you. and then finally, one more piece of tape. one final message. portis and haynworth were off. they didn't talk. but fullback mike sellers did talk. >> when you heard what he had said in the locker room, were you like here we go again? >> you're not commenting either. >> no. hey, you know. as long as it wasn't me. i'm not saying nothing. if they want to talk, that's
6:46 pm
their business. when you don't watch what you say, i've learned my lesson. watch what you're saying. even if you're joking, a lot of people are listening. even if you're trying to be candid. >> so the theme here, watch what you say. >> sounds like a good idea. >> mike made that pretty clear. the redskins could get a starter back for sunday's game against the texans. moore practiced in pass for the first time since he had arthroscopic knee surgery. moore and haynesworth haebz were the only two players with limited participation. haynesworth sprained an ankle yesterday. the defense looked sharp against dallas in that last game. they might need to do even better against houston. the running game statistically is the best in the nfl and the passing game, pretty strong,
6:47 pm
too. last year the houston texan hz the number one ranked passing ofense in the nfl. matt schaub has become a top flight nfl quarterback passing for more than 4,700 yards. his only touchdown lasteek. the consisten defense, tony romo once last week but they managed to keep the offense in check for most of the game. slett knows doing the same thing against houston will not be easy. >> they got a lot of weapons. the quarterback is very special. they got the runningback like we talked about. it is another challenge. dallas was the number two offense. this was the number four offense. it is a great challenge. we'll have fun and hopefully do the thing we an do to be
6:48 pm
effective. >> they've got a lot of double moves. a lot of difrent thing. it will be a challenge. they are still learning. they've been in the offense, i dot know how many years but they got it down pat. >> reporter: carlos rogers and the redskins defense preparing to face the number one passing offense in the nfl. next week. the verdict is in for nyjer morgan. you is a you the fight video, right? he ad an eight-game suspension and a sen-game suspension on boa. >> the possible of 15 altogether? >> maybe 15. >> throw something out there. >> seven. >> pat is the winner. did not go oh. an eight-game suspension. the national centerfielder was facing two separate suspensions, gain for 15 game. major leue baseball decided to reduce his suspension.
6:49 pm
he will begin serving that suspension on friday when the nationals start a three-game series in philadelphia. morgan was suspended for seven game for allegedly tossing the ball at a fan in the stands. then another eight games after that brawl in florida. they threw out entirely the suspension for the incident with the fans. thawas bogus. so with 16 games left in the regular season, morgan is going to miss half of them. can you bieve it? we are already talng hockey. caps rookie camp wrapped one the scrimmage against the flyers' rooki. the training camp starts this weekend and the fit preseason game, september 22nd. the big guns already working out. and attention to make amends for the early exit last season. >> i think everybody is pretty positive. and obviously, will to put se things in. guys are excited to be here. and i think it was a long summer
6:50 pm
for us. a little too long. and i know as far as myself and a lot of the other guys, we're ready to get going. >> for america i couldn't just sweep it under the rug and forget about it. it still sings. so you tries to use it as a motivating factor. come back to camp with a level have intensity that you're ready to go. ready to make some wrongs right. we want to get back there as fast as we ca but we cannot overlook the regular season. we use to it work on areas of weakness that were in the game last year and become a better hockey season. >> you know the capils probably aren't going to get their just due until we near the end of fastball season. that's the wait works in this town. this is a season where it is put up or shut up. they need to go far. >> oh, yeah. that was such a discipline. >> they were the best team in hockey. the entire season. and then they just couldt close it.
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it is certain lay nasty commute out there. thing are not getting any better as the night continues to unwind. will those headlights are the outer loop and that will be heavy d steady. here's the pace once you make to river road. then across the american league. those continue. as you make your way along 270 no exceptions there. we do have some slow moving traffic. the good news is that the pace does finally start to improve on ur approach. as you can see here, it continues toward clarksburg and into frederick. unfortunately, no major accidents to report, or fortunately, depending onow you look at it. its slam. through springfield into newington. after that, wide open.
6:55 pm
back to you in the studio. ♪ >> that's the british singer susan boyle getting a rock style response at the end of an open air mass celebrated by pope benedict xvi in scotland. it not clear if the pope saw or heard any of boyle's rendition of the prayer of st. francis. he had alreadyleft. the pope began a four-day visit to the united kingdom today. it is the first state visit by a pope since king henry viii split with the catholic church in the 16th century. pope benedict xvi visited britain in 1982 but that was what they call a pastoral visit. not a state visit. nbc's andrea mitchell sat down with iranian president mahmoud ahmanejad yesterday in tean. the talk cored many topics including the release of sarah
6:56 pm
shourd. >> reporter: thank you, mr. president. iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad is taking credit for sarah shourd's release but says the fate of her fiance shane bauer and their friend josh fattal both still in jail is not up to him. >> i think we should let the judge and the court deci about the case. and i think -- >> reporter: iran's government has been encouging protests in tehran. trying to exploit anger against the u.s. because of threats to burn the koran and the controversy over the proposed islamic cultural center near ground zero. president mahmoud ahmadinejad who has denied the holocaust blames thought on what he calls a zioni conspiracy. >> we believe that there is a minority behind this and they are violen they have no religion. what is in islamic countries are
6:57 pm
what people are against. the ugly behavior. they are not against th people of the united states. >> reporter: president mahmoud ahmadinejad was equally combative abouthe iaea which sharpl rebuked iran for denying access to the new leading experts on the weapons inspection team. the president mahmoud ahmadinejad is showing no change in the stand-off even has the they gather next week at the united nations against him. >> the state department is urging ahmadinejad to bring the remaining american hikers with him when he visits the u.s. a final check on the weather? >> a couple of showers out there across the area. those showers making their way in across the region. making their way up to the north. mostly into parts of maryland. let's show you that on live radar. up toward frederick and hagerstown but also along the eastern shore and toward the area. we'll zoom on in and show you where they are along 66. coming through manassas toward
6:58 pm
centreville. expect shower activity and up toward maryland in damascus, all seeing some of those showers and making their way toward glen burnie. what will we be seeing? some good news. temperature down to about 72 degrees with men of cloud cover. watch what happens hear as we make our way through tomorrow. 84 on fray. 82 on saturday. gorgeous weaer onsaturday. and i think great weather on sunday as well with the high temperature of 84 degrees. monarch high of 79. and then still dryas we head into nextwk. lenty of sunshine. highs into the 80, maybe even the upper 80 come wednesday and hursday. >> okay. thank you. do you like reading interesting stuff? how about the 2011 guinness book of world records? you will see some really fascinating stuff in there like this. that is a cow. call him dexter. he lives in england. he is 33 inches long. part of the newest set of strange animal facts compile in the latest edition.
6:59 pm
other animals who made this edition include a python. 24 et long. and then there is fluffy. lives at the columbus zoo. a peek knees in texas. the longest measured tongue of any dog. then this dog, anastasia, a terrier who managed to pop 100 balloons in less than 45 seconds. that made the guinness book of world records. susan kidd has one of them. my dog cannot do that but i don't want him to. >> good night. come back. on our broadcast here tonight, hard times. here

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